What to do if you don't know her ring size...

You’ve found the love of your life and you’re ready to pop that very important question. Congratulations! But, you just realized you don’t know her ring size! While this is a little tricky, there are a few ways to make sure you get the right fit without ruining the surprise.

“Borrow” another ring she wears

This works great if she loves wearing rings! Pay attention to which rings she wears on her ring finger, then steal if for a little bit to get the rings size. Don’t forget to put it back before she notices!

Ask her mom, sister, or friends

If you all have been talking relationship next steps, chances are good that she knows her ring size and has told someone who she’s close to. If you don’t mind having someone else in on your surprise (make sure they are a great secret keeper!), then ask if they know her size!

Use her friends!

This only will work if her friends are sneaky and great secret keepers! Have her friends plan a girls day that just happens to include a trip for some ring dreaming. When they are they, be sure they get her ring size or the plan won’t work!

Plan a ring dreaming day with her!

It’s common to do some ring research with your better half before you actually make a purchase. When doing this make sure the salesperson helping you also sizes her finger!

Go with the standard size

At Oz’s, unless you know for sure what her ring size is, we generally advise for you to propose with the standard size then bring her into the store to get it sized perfectly once you’ve popped the question! We always try to size within a day for our Oz’s couples, so she won’t have to be without her ring for long!

We hope this helps in your journey towards forever!

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