Styling a Pandora Bracelet!

A new Pandora bracelet is the perfect gift for your friend, mom, wife, daughter, aunt, coworker, or mail-lady! 


Because Pandora charm bracelets hold little memories in the form of charms. There are charms for almost any occasion, passion, life stage, and interest. The hardest part about shopping for the perfect Pandora charm is simply making a choice from all the beautiful charms

So if you are thinking about starting a Pandora bracelet for someone special, here is where to begin!

  1. Choose your color

    • Pandora bracelets come in silver, rose, and yellow gold. The most popular is silver. Another popular trend is to mix the silver and rose colors together! If you’re not sure which one to go with, go classic and choose silver!

  2. Pick a bracelet

    • Here’s the base to your masterpiece! Choose between a bangle (solid bracelet) and snake chain bracelet (flexible bracelet). The bangles come in a small, medium, and large. The snake chain bracelets come in 7 sizes from 6.3 inches to 9.1 inches. Don’t worry too much about getting the sizing perfect. If it doesn’t fit just right, bring the bracelet back to exchange for the perfect size within 30 days with no problem at all!

  3. Have fun with charms!

    • Here’s the really fun part, charms! Choose one or three or more that represents the occasion, expresses how you feel, or shows off something she enjoys! You’ll be amazed by the selection we have for you to look through and choose from! We’re also here to help with ideas and finding the perfect charm!

  4. Finish with clips

    • Clips keep your charms centered and organized! They also will keep your charms in place if the bracelet ever falls while opened. There are also safety chains that help keep the bracelet from falling while taking the bracelet on and off.

Now that you’ve built the beginnings of a beautiful charm bracelet, we will box it up and gift wrap it for you so that the gift is ready to be given!

Pandora bracelets are a thoughtful gift to give but they are also smart for you, the gift giver! Now you have something to give her every time a special occasion comes around, a new charm! Every season Pandora releases beautiful, new charms that will wow her! This bracelet is a gift that keeps on giving!

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