How to care for your jewelry!

Whether it is a piece of heirloom jewelry that has been passed down generations, an engagement ring that promised forever, or a self-purchase that symbolize a major goal achieved, jewelry is important to keep safe and clean. The everyday wear-and-tear will happen if you love your piece well, so to make sure your jewelry outlives you, here are a few tips for caring for your jewelry well!

  • Be careful with light and heat

  • Keep your jewelry away from chemicals

    • Try not to expose your jewelry to everyday chemicals such as hair products, cosmetics, perfumes, or direct sunlight, as they are likely to damage them.

  • Give treated gems special care

    • Gemstone jewelry needs to be taken extra care of, and you can do this by cleaning it with a soft brush and mild soapy water

  • The safest cleaning methods are also the easiest

    • use dawn soap, at-home jewelry cleaner, or bring it into the store to have a thorough steam cleaning

  • Safely store your jewelry

    • Store in zip-lock bag or drawstring purse

  • Sort out your jewelry into categories

  • Keep chains untangled

    • Keep chains clasped and a bit of the chain hanging outside the bag

  • Ask your jeweler to inspect your jewelry on a regular basis for any damages

    • Oz is always happy to check prongs, links, or anything that might be showing a little wear!

  • Use silver dip type cleaners for cleaning silver jewelry

    • Never soak your silver jewelry, always dip!

  • Regularly polish your platinum and silver jewelry to avoid tarnishing

If your favorite piece is showing some of the love from being worn, bring it in for us to inspect! We are happy to clean it, check it, and let you know if any repairs need to be made!

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