Choosing the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one!

Happy anniversary! Celebrating another year with your special someone by giving her the perfect piece of jewelry is a wonderful way to memorialize your commitmemt and love. The perfect anniversary gift is heartfelt, wearable, and matches her style. To help you with your search, here are a few tips and ideas for that special present!

Tips to help with your search...

  • Consider what is already in her jewelry collection. What does she currently enjoy wearing? The right jewelry gift will match her style.
  • Use your resources! Ask her friends and family for ideas or any hints she might have dropped. Also check her Pinterest boards for inspiration!
  • Go for clasic pieces! Choose jewelry that can be worn forever and handed down as heirlooms. Think about simple diamond studs, diamond pendants, or a tennis bracelet.

Ideas for milestone years...

  • 1st year- gold
  • 5th year- sapphire
  • 10th year- diamond
  • 15th year- ruby
  • 20th year- emerald
  • 25th year- silver
  • 30th year- pearl
  • 35th year- emerald
  • 40th year- ruby
  • 45th year- sapphire
  • 50th year- gold
  • 55th year- alexandrite
  • 60th year- diamond

That's a lot to consider, but we can help you! We are experts in helping find the perfect gift for any occasion, especially anniversaries! Check out our online catalog and Instagram for inspiration, then stop by! You'll leave with the a gift she'll love, wrapped and ready to be placed in her hands!

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5/22/2022 4:19 PM
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